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With 680 days remaining till grand opening – we met an inevitable challenge at an inconvenient time. Nevertheless, we will remain relentless in the face of adversity.


Due to personal and organizational financial limitations, the Luthas platform is unavailable due to nonpayment. Ultimately, the hosting company refused to create nonprofit discounts and consistently raised prices.

Our Response.

Transform this situation into the opportunity we’ve been craving. Now, we can build our hosting environment from the ground up, ultimately extending our social impact value 10x.

How is that aligned with our purpose?

With complete control over our environment, we will build a secure, flexible – infrastucture with infinite scaling ability with all previous restrictions removed. The Luthas Center learning platform will be available globally, on every device, without performance limitations, in any language – with text to speech capabilities and numerous valuable accessibility features.

How do we cover the cost?

Initially, we have a $1000 credit with AWS through the startup founders program, with $350 support credits.

In addition to proceeds from ‘DAMIEUS’, our for-profit technology services corporation specializes in full-stack web application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, metaverse communities, and e-commerce platforms customized for our products and services.

Distribution of goods and services.

Affiliate program memberships with Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba.

Will this be easy?

No, this will require personal and professional growth. However, our passion, purpose and vocation are aligned. Everything we do – will benefit someone else. History is watching us.

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