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Today, I will confirm – being homeless will not destroy my will, my passion or my purpose. This is temporary, and I believe a miracle is coming.

Today, I will peacefully witness – my unanswered questions.

Today, I will have patience with everything that remains unsolved in my heart.

Today, I will love the questions themselves, like locked rooms, and like books written in a foreign language.

Today, I will not look for the answers because even if they were given to me, I would not know their meaning.

Today, I will realize that I need to experience everything, and presently – I need to live the question.

I will be aware of the question, and very gradually without noticing it – I will find myself experiencing the answer… maybe not today… maybe when I really need the answer.

I will remain thankful, appreciative, compassionate, and empathetic towards the needs of others.

I will continue motivating others to bring out the very best – as I freely share God given, gifts, talents and abilities.

I use my spirit, my wisdom, my knowledge, my intelligence, and my success to bettering the world around me.

My greatest blessing is knowing – my loved ones, friends and family – have health, food, clothing and shelter.

I will spend every moment – mentally, spiritually and physically committed to becoming a better person – despite this temporary situation.

History is watching our responses to life’s most difficult challenges.

Without prayers, encouragement, and support – life can seem impossible. We are not alone.. we will get through this together.

All contributions will be used towards acquiring food or shelter for the day.

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