IMG_0609 (Demo)

They said..

You’re so smart.. you’re so ambitious.. you had it all.. you have sooo many friends.. we should commit him.. leave all his stuff for the marshalls.. sell it and say it wasn’t there.. no, commit him then send him to the shelter.. he’s washed.. how did he go from the UN and a Penthouse to asking me if I had room? where’s the benz? he isolated himself.. he read all those books for what.. just stay with xyz.. be intimate and accept disrespect.. but deal with it until you good.. one minute he good and married.. next minute he’s evicted and his wife is in jail.. he must’ve did something.. he aint change.. good for him.. its karma.. he thought he was the sh*t sitting at the pool with his white friends.. now that n*gga is f*cked.. he’s done.. lemme slide into his ex girl’s dm..

What I hear is..

God bless.. Hold ya head.. We believe in you.. Keep grinding.. We’re praying for you.. Let’s get it..

What I know is..

My life was dope.. I killed it. But my life wasn’t aligned with my purpose.. so the storm came and wiped everything away.. I was broken into a million pieces.. begging to die.. then it got dark.. sometimes it still gets dark.. but the difference is.. now I know who I am and why I am.. the best is yet to come.

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